Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ella's CRAZY Adventures!

Well we know it's been awhile since we last wrote....but we have a good has been CRAZY!

When Ella was 5 weeks old we were stranded in Houston on the side of the road with a flat tire. Praise the Lord my parents were with us. It was a little scary because it was SO dangerously hot and the oncoming Houston 5pm rush-hour traffic did not even seem to notice our stranded little car. Ella had her first tow truck experience! We were a little worried with the tow truck because it was almost out of gas. We could have been stranded twice. Ella was such a trooper!

About a week later, Ella's 6 week birthday, a MASSIVE funnel cloud began to form over our house. Gabe and I watched it form out our back door. We were eating dinner and it looked like smoke was rising into sky, but was a funnel cloud. We cramped myself, Ella, Gabe, two dogs and two cats into our dinner closet. Thankfully the funnel cloud never because a full out tornado. Ella slept though the whole thing!

Last week, Friday, we went to pick my parents up at the airport. They were coming home from their 2 week trip in Europe. We encountered some pretty bad weather on the way to the airport and then had to wait a few hours because my parents’ plane was late in arriving. Ella ended up being in the car seat for almost 7 hours!!! She was amazing yet again… no complaining!

Yesterday Ella spent the day at the car dealership. We are now the proud owners of a 2009 Toyota Tacoma (no more KIA)! Ella was precious and let us get all the paperwork done. She was so patient!

We had to get on tonight because yet again we had another adventure...we called 911 and had a visit from the fire department! We were getting ready close down the house for the night when Gabe noticed that our stove spelled of gas and that our burner was on! Early today I was making Mac-n-Cheese when Ella starting fussing because she was hunger. I went to go take care of her and Gabe took over the Mac-n-Cheese...guess he forgot to turn the stove off...big oops! We called 911 and the operator told us to get our family out of the house immediately. I grabbed Ella out of her crib and we waited outside for the fire department. They checked out our house and we had the all clear! Guess what....Ella slept through the whole thing!

Gabe and I were just discussing how our life was NEVER this adventurous before Ella! God has been so gracious to us and He has protected us from so much harm. Praise the Lord and we thank the Lord!

We will post pictures soon!!!!

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  1. Cannot believe all this!!!!!! I have tears steaming down my face.... I am so thankful that you all were safe thank you Jesus........ The traffic in Houston is the worst... that scares me even now!!! and I am not surprised about little precious sleeping and happy through it all.... That is Gabriel Bock right there.... He was never effected by anythng just smiled through every adventure there was.. know matter how long or how stressful he was sweet little Gabe. baby perfect!!!!! Same as he is now... The good Lord lookded down and said I think ill shake it up a bit.... in the little bock house hold jUst to make em trust me more.... i love you so much my 3 angels.