Thursday, July 2, 2009

One Month Old!

I can not believe that Ella is one month and one day. June blew by! It was the fastest month of my life!

Our "Sweet Baby Ella" as Gabe calls her is growing quite well :)

Ella was 8lbs 2oz at birth. At two weeks the Doctors hope that the baby reaches their birth weight again (because all babies weight decreases at first)...our little Ella was 8lbs 14oz.

I was curious as to how much Ella weighed a few days ago so I weighed myself and then weighed myself again holding Ella. There was an 11lb difference. I know that it's probably not very accurate, but still...WOW. She is absolutely beautiful and looks like a little doll. We are in awe of her. She is so precious and perfect. We can not believe that God would bless us with such a beautiful miracle. Thank you Lord!

I love that my baby girl is growing great and is healthy...but she is growing up way to fast for me already! Gabe and I are both soaking up every moment. We are not wishing any of it to go by faster (okay, okay....maybe we would like to sleep through the night pretty soon...but we are still loving every minute)!


  1. Oh my........ I cant believe that she is 11 pounds!!! and already one month old.... that is amazing.
    She is so happy and so healthy and perfect!!! YOu guys are the greatest parents and we are all so blessed that God gave us this beautiful angel..
    Thank you lord for Gabriella.....

  2. Yippee! FYI- people want PICTURES!!!!!!!

  3. MEGAN BOCK! So, came upon your blog via another blog via another blog :) Your little Ella Joy is BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations!! What fun to see what you are up to. Hope to stay in touch!