Sunday, May 31, 2009

Come Monday...Ella on the way!!!

Our baby girl, Ella Joy, is one day away from arriving and Megan and I could not be more excited! The doctor says we are completely ready for her to come, so we have scheduled to have her tomorrow...if she doesn't come before then (like today...that would be cool)!

Here's what I always say: Are we ready for this? YES. Are we prepared? Heck no. I'm not sure how you could prepare for what is about to happen but we are so excited to begin this journey and are ready to start learning how to be parents. I'm sure it will be much harder than raising our two cats and dog (hehe)...but way more rewarding at the same time!

Megan has me doing all sorts of household chores as she's in full-nesting mode at this point. It's been fun (sortof) and I think the house is finally ready for our daughter!

We thank all of you who have supported us with incredible gifts, words of encouragement and prayers during the past weeks and months. They have not gone unnoticed and we appreciate them greatly!

We'll keep you posted!

Nervous but excited,



  1. I'm so excited for you guys! Can't wait to see pictures!

  2. Yay!! Megan Stewart and I hope to stop by and see y'all on Tuesday afternoon if all goes well tomorrow. I'll be praying for you! ~Libs

  3. EEEEEEEEEE!! (That's me squealing!) I can't wait! Praying and looking forward to meeting her!

  4. Finally a picture of Megan preggers! I'm so happy for you guys and we can't wait to meet sweet Ella!

  5. so glad to see y'all in the blog world! and Glad that Ella is here! Love!